Spice up your Relationship with Fundawear

Spice up your Relationship with Fundawear

Are you on a long distance relationship and don’t get a chance to meet your partner too often? Is that long distance relationship affecting your sex life? Then worry not durex and havas in collaboration has developed new underwear that is going to blow your mind away. Fundawear is a whole new level of combined sensor technology that is built in the underwear. Yes! You heard it right, in the underwear. “The future of foreplay”, that’s
something durex has to say about it.

How it works?

Fundawear is vibrating underwear that reacts over your partner touch in their smart phone. The underwear for men and knickers and bra for women is filled with sensors actuators. These actuators are controlled by the app and can be used in smart phones over the internet. When any of the partners touches the certain part of the undies represented in the smart phones these small sensors will create a vibration. You can tease your partner and tickle
them to get that naughty feel by the use of fundawear. The speed and the place you touch in the app will create the tickle in similar manner in partner’s inner wear. The results are sexual arousal.  Here is how they work.

Are they comfortable?

Yes, they definitely are. The development team has developed it in such a way that you won’t feel any sort of disturbance. They are like regular underwear designed to fit your body shape and you won’t even feel the technology is there. The only feel you will get with these garments is love.

If you are on a long distance relationship, you will certainly miss your partner’s hand moving softly over your body. Getting sexually deprived due to distance is one of the most boring things you don’t want to face. Long distance relationships often get broke up due to lack of communication and partner’s pleasure. You always miss those sexy things that happen between you two. This is where fundawear comes to spice up your relationship.

You will get to enjoy these little dirty beautiful things before going to bed. You will be able to get that naughty feel and enjoy the foreplay that your partner will provide you though you may be far from him/her. The sexy gap that is created by distance will be filled by fundawear. Those little tickles and tease will certainly give wonderful feelings. No longer awkward phone sex and annoying sex chats, because they never give you that feel but
with fundawear the things get interesting and may get your girl buzzing.

If you are a sexy couple and have been missing your partner sexual influence then this product if of course worth spending money on. Stay happy stay sexy.

What is FundaWear

What is FundaWear

If you are tired of sending explicit messages and skype then you need to try this product as soon as possible. Gone are the days where you used to wait for a lot of time to meet your partner and have fantasy nights. Fundawear is the first wearable technology ever made in the world. It is designed by Wearablex in partnership with Havas and Durex. Correspondingly, it combines personal touch wirelessly over wide distances. It sends signals from one device to another in seconds. It is designed with long distance couples in mind. The vibrating underwear works with the associated app that controls the pleasure levels of the consenting partner. It can be connected to the smartphone. Additionally, the wearable technology comes in both male and female versions.

The Wearablex company is concerned about the people with long distance relationships. Therefore, everyone who is not happy with their long distance relationships, must use the new technology. Especially, with this specific products consumers will feel a great amount of fantasy. Also, it entertains the body and relaxes the mind at the same time. So, we would recommend everyone to try it. The technology is growing with speed day by day, Almost everything is getting digital in the world.

How Does The Wearable Underwear Work?

Fundawear takes touch input from one consociate via their smartphone. Then it sends internet signals via serves to their consenting partner. Form which it gets transferred to the vibrating garment of the person and creates a sensation on the skin. The experience feels natural as all the process happens in seconds. The intensity of the touch is felt according to how the partner has touched the smartphone app while sending sensations. The touch of sensation depends on the partner’s tap on their screen.

For example, a tender touch will result in light vibration. Moreover, if the partner touches the screen hard, the consenting consociate will feel a stroke. The vibration units are designed in the wearable device to give perfect touch sensation. The minute vibrating actuators gives a sensation similar to that of your fingers. Therefore, it is paramount in its competitors. The price of fundawear is quite consumer friendly, Customers can buy the product around 60 dollars.

According to many reviewers and especially after our experience, we recommend this product to everyone. Customers with long distance relationships must use this product to get all the pleasure in life.